Empower your employees to protect your company

Our Gamified Cybersecurity and HIPAA Awareness Training Platform will prepare your team to defend against threats and violations by building a culture of cybersecurity and HIPAA awareness.

Compliance sample report
Compliance management dashboard

The biggest security and HIPAA risk to your business is human error.

88 percent of cyber data breaches can be linked to human error. (Tessian, 2019). The strongest defense against a successful cyberattack begins with an informed and cyber aware team.

Train your team to make smarter decisions with posture


Gain access to short and engaging animated videos on HIPAA and Cyber Security based on real life events


Assess your team’s knowledge through short quizzes and monitor their progress and through your dashboard  


Encourage your team to stay up to date through our Gamified Program where they earn rewards and certificates for completing training.

Make HIPAA and Security Training Memorable and Impactful

No one remembers a once-a-year long and boring training lecture. In partnership with NINJIO, we offer a training solution that uses engaging, 3 to 4-minute Hollywood-style micro-learning videos to empower individuals and organizations to become defenders against cyberthreats and HIPAA violations.

Our training content is inspired by real life HIPAA and security breaches.

Compliance sample report
Compliance management dashboard

Test Employee Knowledge and Keep Them Engaged with Rewards

Our gamified training program awards points and certificates to employees who successfully complete each training activity which includes videos and short quizzes.

This allows your team to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of Cybersecurity and HIPAA Fundamentals
  • Gain incentives for their commitment to protecting your company.

Keep Your Team Up to Date on Emerging Threats

Good cyber hygiene requires ongoing awareness of the latest risks. We send a cybersecurity and HIPAA privacy newsletter to your team every month, covering relevant and recent risks or breaches that could impact your company.

Our monthly training videos focus on the most relevant topics including COVID-19 and remote work vulnerabilities.

Compliance sample report
Compliance management dashboard

Track Team Progress

Posture’s reporting dashboard gives you a way to track your team’s progress. You will have a full view of the training that has been completed as well as scores for each employee. We also manage employee reengagement so you don’t have to by sending reminders to your team to complete monthly training and quizzes.

Transform Your Employees into CyberSecurity and HIPAA Champions

"With the help of my Posture HIPAA Compliance Officer, we established our program in less than 30 days. The process was time and cost-effective. I value their ongoing direction and expert support in maintaining strong security and privacy program."
Mohamed Kamara
CEO, Inovcares.com

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