Posture Security

We here at Posture puts security first because we know the importance of keeping ours and your organization's data protected and secured. Posture can assure you outstanding protection as we strive to out-do our industry security standard.

Security Procedures

Secure Data Transmission and Storage

Whenever your data is in transit between you and us, everything is encrypted and sent using HTTPS. All passwords are securely hashed therefore the user will needed to reset their password if the password has been forgotten. Additionally, uploads are stored in AWS S3 which provides its own layer of data encryption.

Stronger Authentication Practices

Every employee is required to set up multi-factor authentication for our application which therefore provides additional security by adding more protection layers. The more layers/factors in place, the more the risk of an intruder gaining access to critical systems and data is reduced.

Real-Time Monitoring

Posture uses AWS Guard Duty for real-time monitoring which identifies malicious or unauthorized behavior in our AWS account and provide quick notifications of any unauthorized activities. Rest assured that if any unscrupulous actions occur, we’ll know and address it swiftly.

Continuous Monitoring

Our detailed auditing feature logs allow continuous monitoring of user activities, in case of security analysis, resource change tracking, and troubleshooting. These logs can be used to create audit reports to fulfill other security compliance standards.

Built on Secure Technology

Our environment is built upon an infrastructure that is actively assessed for vulnerabilities and regular penetration testing assessment by AWS Security. We are on the offensive to ensure that the likelihood of our data being exposed is reduced. Source code is actively scanned for insecure patterns which enables Posture to be able to seamlessly test for and rectify security flaws with efficiency.

Isolated Data Access

All of the data that you send to us is stored in your very own data store and are protected by data access policies to ensure that only you can read, write or make changes to your data. Further managed access controls allow you to give users access to only the resources that they need. All of our databases are replicated using public key encryption from the source database instance to a replication instance that ensures that data availability is always ensured.

More Information

Security Policy

Posture takes security seriously. We employ top-notch procedures, frameworks and services to ensure that our data and the data you give us is well secured. View our Security Policy to find out more.

Data Protection Policy

Posture respects your data as if it were our own. We take great precaution to ensure the security of data provided to us by our customers and stakeholders. Contact Us about our Data Protection Policy to find out how much we care about your data’s security.

Incident Response Policy

In the event of any disaster, Posture is on it. Here at Posture we have procedures and precautions in place to be carried out in light of any unfortunate disaster. Contact Us about our Incident Response Policy to find out about these precautions.

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