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Drive Continuous Risk Tracking and Awareness with Posture’s Compliance Dashboard

Our Compliance Dashboard and Management tool will help you to easily onboard new clients faster, and more accurately, and can track your clients’ compliance progress all in one place.

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Your biggest challenge is ongoing tracking and visibility of a client’s compliance progress.

As a trusted advisor, you must track and manage hundreds of controls across multiple frameworks and clients. Posture can save you over 50% of the time taken to synch the information normally in spreadsheets and emails into a consolidated view shared with clients.


Raise awareness with Management visibility with compliance status while clearly showing the value your organization provides.


Drive compliance milestones and reduce blockers with assignment and tracking of deliverables.


Engage leadership and teams toward a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.

Compliance sample report

Make Your Impact Visible and Actionable

Ensure that your decision makers have visibility of the progress of their compliance journey. The Posture dashboard simplifies a complicated process by providing a high level view of their compliance status.

Track Progress and Assign Compliance Controls

Keep your compliance plan on track with our Compliance Manager. Provide your clients with a clear understanding of specific compliance requirements and needed deliverables. Assign tasks to your clients’ users to provide evidence according to prioritized due dates.

Compliance management dashboard
Compliance sample report

Custom Playbook Uploaded for Each Client

Get away from emailing long reports that are never read. Provide us with the high-level milestones and tasks for your client engagement, and we will upload a plan/roadmap that can be marked complete on an as-you-go basis. Remove the need for your client to ask – Where are we? What’s next?

Speed Up Your Onboarding Process

Posture allows you to collect information about new clients, thereby giving you the ability to better prepare and plan for your pitch and close. Our assessments can be made available by framework and provide a high level overview of clients’program maturity and risk.

Compliance management dashboard
Compliance sample report

Improve Your Client’s Resilience with Awareness Training

Our Gamified Cybersecurity Awareness training module provides your clients with the monthly training they need to build a culture of cyber resilience. Our platform automates the process of training notification and assessment, and it uses gamified scoring to drive engagement.

Turn clients into Champions and gain repeat business.

“Before Posture, we used spreadsheets like many other consulting firms. Posture provides us a flexible, affordable platform that our clients could access to easily track the status of security compliance and risk management requirements, assign action items with due dates to client team members, and provide real-time reporting to client management via a dashboard. We include Posture as a compliance management dashboard in all of our engagements. It improves our overall service delivery and increases client engagement and awareness.”
Morris Cody
COO, MCGlobalTech

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